Heartbroken Thai durian farmer cries after bushes poisoned, causing 30 million baht loss

A heartbroken durian farmer in South Thailand cried after he discovered on Wednesday that nearly all of his trees had been poisoned, causing a long-term lack of around 30 million baht (US$936,000). The farmer, 51 yr previous Charin Phuachai, lives with his household in Chumphon province, in the Hat Phan Kraj sub-district of the principle metropolis district.
Charin had 25 Mon Thong durian trees in his orchard, that are around six to seven years outdated. But an assault by unknown assailants led to 20 of them starting to die.
Sanook reported that the affected bushes had cuts within the trunk that had turned black, and leaves had fallen, leaving bare branches. The fruit had piled up underneath the trees.
Charin believes that the bushes have been poisoned with an absorbent sort of stump-killing herbicide. The poison is pasted right into a minimize, and the tree dies after absorbing water. He discovered that 20 of 25 bushes laden with durian had been poisoned.
The farmer was going to reap the durian in a month and promote them for 160-180 baht per kilogram. He estimated he would earn an income of 600,000 baht (US$18,720) this 12 months, with every tree bringing approximately 20,000 baht (US$624). With the lifespan of a durian tree being 50 years, the 20 dying timber would have generated 30 million baht ($936,000) over the a long time.
Steal stated he had no conflict with anyone. He added that it might be good if there was an company to assist revive the bushes, however he was certain the 20 bushes would die as a result of they’d been badly poisoned. He said…

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