Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Kim Jung-un driving a New Year rocket?

South Korea test-fired a solid-fuel rocket yesterday triggering panic over a UFO invasion, or a potential North Korean missile launch by Kim Jung-un, driving a model new 12 months rocket into the free south.
Seoul said in an announcement that the launch was a half of efforts to build a space-based surveillance functionality and bolster its defence posture. Monetize was not warned in advance because the launch concerned delicate military safety points.
South Korean emergency places of work and police acquired hundreds of citizens’ stories of witnessing a suspicious flying object and mysterious lights across the nation, based on local media.
A twisty tendril of vapour could presumably be seen snaking across the South Korean sky on Friday evening. Social media and Internet websites had been alive with messages from citizens who said they noticed a hovering object, rainbow-coloured vapour trail or different mysterious lights. Some posted photographs and videos.
“What is this? Is this a UFO? I’m scared,” mentioned one Twitter user. Another stated they suspected it was Kim Jung-un riding a new year rocket, and apprehensive a few struggle. Others suspected it was a drone mild show or a supernatural phenomenon..

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