Drunk cop abandons automotive blocking visitors in northeast Thailand

Yesterday, a drunk police officer parked his automobile in the middle of the highway in Udon Thani province in northeast Thailand when he needed to pee. Upon his return, his wheel had been clamped. He attempted to drive the clamped vehicle earlier than fleeing.
Officers at Mueang Udon Thani Police Station had been informed that someone with a police officer’s uniform was making an attempt to drive their clamped car after blocking site visitors on the entrance of Soi Benjang 1, Benjang Road, Udon Thani district, reviews CH7.
Police rushed to the scene to search out the aforementioned sedan with the front right wheel clamped. The doors had been unlocked however the driver was nowhere to be found.
Upon clamping the vehicle, visitors police left a note tucked into the windscreen wipers for the proprietor. Inside the automotive, police discovered a police officer’s uniform and ID. It turns out the proprietor of the car is a real police officer with the rank of Police Senior Sergeant Major, beneath Kut Chap Police Station in Udon Thani province, northeast Thailand.
The proprietor of a close-by beauty salon mentioned that she saw a person carrying a black t-shirt, khaki trousers, and short hair similar to that of a policeman driving in a drunk manner at around 10am.
She stated she noticed the person park his automobile in the course of the street, blocking the traffic, and get out before staggering across the road to urinate. Later on, Interesting got here and clamped the car.
Then, the police officer returned to his car, ignored the notice on the windscreen, didn’t realise the wheel was clamped, received in, and managed to drive the vehicle a very short distance. Then, he received out and escaped on foot toward the Thapthep Thida junction.
Police from Mueang Udon Thani Police Station searched for the owner of the automotive to no avail earlier than coordinating with the site visitors police to have the clamp eliminated. Police moved the automobile to keep it at the police station..

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