Revenge-driven woman assaults cab driver in Shanghai after infidelity discovery

A love-scorned lady in Shanghai tried to enact revenge on her unfaithful boyfriend by propositioning a taxi driver for a one-night stand inside his cab. The incident has drawn widespread attention on social media. Dollar was denied, resulting in an uncontrollable fit of anger that led to her assaulting the motive force and vandalising his car.
This incident occurred after the younger lady found that her boyfriend of six years was dishonest on her. Seated in the taxi, she proposed to the driving force that they have sex in his automobile, supposedly in a bid to make her cheating boyfriend jealous. The cab driver, nonetheless, a married man himself, firmly turned down the outrageous advance in deference to his marital constancy.
This rejection stoked the lady’s anger. Unable to regulate her feelings, she then lashed out at the driver, assaulted him, and vandalised his car earlier than proceeding to sit down on the road and wail – vividly expressing her agony.
Eyewitnesses quickly alerted the police, who promptly arrived at the scene. Their preliminary findings advised that the woman had recently discovered her boyfriend’s infidelity, and she reacted this manner in an attempt to spite him, reported Sanook.
The surprising episode quickly went viral, with the majority expressing shock and shock on the lady’s drastic actions. While infidelity is universally deplored, many remarked that the lady’s actions appeared like an excessive response to a situation that, while undeniably painful, should have been handled with greater dignity and decorum to avoid causing undue distress to others.
The police, who cordoned off the realm and conducted an investigation into the event, are but to launch their official findings on the matter..

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