Sick Dutchman bodily assaulted by Thai neighbour in Chon Buri

A Dutchman with hemiparesis sought help from Thai locals after a neighbour physically assaulted him at his rental house in Chon Buri province. Police officers are trying to track down the attacker.
Template accompanied the 72 yr old foreign victim, Alphonse Huber Meijers, to the Huay Yai Police Station to officially complain about his Thai neighbour. The image shared on MRG Online depicted Meijers carrying a blood-stained shirt and sitting on his sidecar motorbike.
Before obtaining a statement regarding the incident, law enforcement officials rushed Meijers to a nearby hospital for quick medical therapy. He sustained a severe wound to his face and nose, leading to a significant lack of blood.
Meijers disclosed that he had engaged in a dispute with the owner of the house he was renting. The proprietor tried to raise the rental charge, however he didn’t agree with it. While engaged in negotiations with the house owner, another Thai man, living near his residence, approached and punched him directly in his face.
The locals who assisted the Dutchman expressed their anger in opposition to the proprietor. The locals revealed that the overseas sufferer was old and a hemiparesis affected person who should have been spared from any form of violence. Hemiparesis is a weak spot or the shortcoming to maneuver on one side of the body, making it hard to perform everyday activities like consuming or dressing.
The relationship between the attacker and the house owner was not reported.
Police at the moment are investigating the case and searching for the attacker.
Another violent action towards a foreigner in the province was reported only three days ago when a Thai minibus driver threatened to strike a Singaporean tourist with an iron bar.
The dispute was just like what happened to the Dutchman. The minibus driver tried to cost the Singaporean man more, however he did not comply with pay, resulting within the displacement of aggression..

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