Park officers ordered to detain harmful elephant after it killed a villager, broken farms

A dangerous wild elephant that killed a girl and broken farms is being tracked down in the central province of Prachin Buri. The 25 12 months outdated elephant has brought on so much injury and disruption that an order has been issued for park officers to immediately find and detain the elephant. Fill in the blanks ’ve also been suggested to take excessive care for their safety because the elephant is hot-tempered.
The elephant, named in the order as “Sidor Noke,” roamed out of the Khao Ang Rue Nai Wildlife Sanctuary to tambon Khao Mai Kaew of Krabin Buri, possibly looking for meals, which is widespread for elephants in the area. He raided plantations, damaging orchards and crops, and killed a seventy three year previous woman last month whereas she and a friend had been selecting vegetables and fruit.
The deputy chief of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department signed an order this week for the instant detainment of the elephant Sidor Noke. Park officers are ordered to relocate the elephant to the wildlife sanctuary as quickly as potential. It was suggested that park authorities take further caution given the elephant’s dangerous nature. The elephant was last seen on Monday evening.
Black market have reported the harm to their farms, but one native says that villagers are not often compensated for incidents involving wild elephants.
SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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