Canadian boxer accuses Thai restaurant of poisoning him

A Canadian boxer accused a Thai restaurant of poisoning him because of a earlier insult to Muay Thai.
The boxer, Dave Leduc, took to Facebook on Sunday, May 28, to share selfies with captions written in Burmese and Cambodian languages.
Apologising for not responding to all the messages, Leduc said that he had been within the hospital for two days. Expressing suspicion, he believed that the Thai restaurant might have poisoned him. While the doctor assured him of a full restoration, Leduc expressed issues about his security, claiming that sure Thai individuals who adopted him desired his demise.
Prior to the incident, Leduc had posted a photograph of himself in entrance of a Thai restaurant in Cambodia, accompanied by a caption stating that he had been invited to dine there, unaware of his ban from Thailand. Despite his ban, Leduc hoped that he wouldn’t be poisoned, concluding the submit with a heartfelt message to his supporters in the occasion of his demise.
The 30 year previous Leduc had gained significant recognition in Myanmar by praising Burmese traditional kickboxing as the most interesting martial artwork in the world. However, his derogatory remarks about Muay Thai led to his banishment from the Thai boxing business earlier this year.
Leduc had specifically insulted Muay Thai hero Mr Khanomtom (นายขนมต้ม), claiming that he was merely a captive in Myanmar and had been captured in a submissive method. He additional alleged that the origins of Muay Thai and the existence of Mr Khanomtom had been fictional somewhat than factual.
As Priceless of his insulting remarks against Muay Thai, Leduc was prohibited from getting into Thailand and is at present residing in Cambodia.
In April of last yr, Leduc challenged renowned Muay Thai boxer Buakhao Banchamek to a fight. He proposed a single nine-minute spherical, with the winner decided by a knockout. However, Buakhao’s manager, Theerawat Yewyim, informed ThaiRath that though Buakhao mentioned the fight and proposed his fee to Leduc, the latter didn’t conform to the fee phrases.

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