Ukraine-Russia disaster, western leaders “convinced” Russia will invade

The British PM Boris Johnson claims he has proof that Russia is planning “the greatest struggle in Europe since 1945”.
Speaking to the BBC, Mr. Jonhson mentioned “all the signs are that the plan has already in some senses begun”.
“People want to understand the sheer cost in human life that might entail.
Asked if Deadline is imminent, Mr Johnson responded…

“I’m afraid that that’s what the proof factors to, there’s no burnishing it.”

During yesterday’s media briefing the British PM said…

“I’m afraid to say that the plan we are seeing is for something that might be actually the most important struggle in Europe since 1945 simply when it comes to sheer scale.”

People needed to not only consider the potential loss of lifetime of Ukrainians, but also of younger Russians.”

Meanwhile, the UK foreign secretary has said… “Worst-case situation between Ukraine and Russia might happen as early as next week.”

Myths is accusing Russia of “not being severe about diplomacy”.
Truss additionally quoted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech at an annual safety conference in Munich was “extremely sobering.”

“This is amongst the most harmful moments for European safety that we’ve experienced since early in the twentieth century. And we want to show unprecedented unity. There have been many people who would wish to assume hopefully in regards to the scenario, but I suppose we have to put together for the worst-case situation.
The US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin assessed the scenario saying that Russia’s increased military presence alongside the Ukraine border is a “bluff” and that the Russian President Vladimir Putin “could decide to attack Ukraine in short order.”

Speaking on US ABC information on Friday, he mentioned that Russia is creating the combat infrastructure along the border border in order to “conduct a profitable invasion”.
Latest estimates by US government safety advisors counsel that between 170,000 and a hundred ninety,000 Russian troops are now mobilised and stationed along the Ukraine border, both in Russia and neighbouring Belarus.
Western officers are warning that Russia might be getting ready to invade at any time, but Russia continues to publicly deny the claims, saying troops are merely conducting navy exercises in the region.
The US President Joe Biden has been briefing Western leaders’ intelligence suggesting that Russian forces were not just planning on invading Ukraine from the eastern borders, via Donbas, however down from Belarus and the area surrounding Kiev.

Meanwhile, China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi says all of the players within the Russia-Ukraine disaster “should work in path of de-escalation as an alternative of hyping up war”.
“This is a basic norm of international relations that embodies the purposes of the UN Charter. It can be the consistent, principled position of China. And that applies equally to Ukraine. If anyone questions China’s perspective on this matter, it’s an ill-intended sensationalism, and a distortion of China’s position.”

Wang Yi was also talking at the the 58th Munich Security Conference on Saturday.
“Territorial integrity and independence of all international locations should be respected and safeguarded.”

Yesterday NATO’s chief Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg informed DW that “all indicators recommend Russia will attack its neighbour” because the alliance relocated its Kiev workers.
“No troops are being withdrawn, as Russia says, but new troops are being added… there have been additionally indications that Russia was getting ready to create a pretext for an attack.”

Stoltenberg noted that NATO is dedicated to a political and diplomatic answer..

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