Poll: 76% worry about Covid-19, 59% put health over financial system

A new poll by the National Institute of Development Administration surveyed individuals in regards to the government’s handling of Covid-19 and the reopening. The NIDA poll discovered that folks felt the economic system was the identical or slightly better, valued heath over the economy, and were overwhelmingly afraid of Covid-19 worsening after the reopening.
The survey, which interviewed 1,320 people over the age of 18 with varied occupations and levels of training throughout Thailand. It was carried out by phone interview on November 15 and 16. The poll discovered that about half the folks surveyed were happy with the government’s measures to regulate Covid-19, however many were concerned that the infection rates had been excessive and vaccination charges nonetheless too low, and that opening to foreigners would convey more Covid-19 and even new strains into Thailand.
Bonanza of the ballot query highlights concerning the reopening and Covid-19:
How is the financial system after reopening?

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