PM Prayut insists former police investigator into human trafficking in Thailand can return from exile

Following the human trafficking of Rohingya individuals on the border of Thailand and Malaysia reported yesterday, PM Prayut declared that Thailand “was serious about human trafficking”, and the scenario was “improving”. More said that the previous Thai policeman in exile in Australia, who shared the story in regards to the case again in 2015, left the nation “by himself “and insisted that he was welcome to return to Thailand “if he is confident that he is clean”.
On February 18, Move Forward MP Rangsiman Rome reported throughout a parliamentary meeting that the former policeman Paween Pongsiri was threatened by high profile authorities after engaged on the human trafficking case on the border.
“The former chief investigator into the Rohingya trafficking case plans to move overseas with his family after resigning from the police pressure out of fear for his family’s security. According to Thairath News, Maj Gen Paween Pongsiri, the head of the group investigating the human trafficking of Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants, has reportedly decided to move overseas along with his household out of concern of the repercussions from the still highly effective trafficking syndicates.” Pratchatai – November 17, 2015
The former prime policeman had also been tasked with checking out Phuket’s public transport monopolies and alleged ‘taxi and tuk tuk mafia’ however had run up against deep seated corruption and a culture of concern on the tourist island.
Most notably, Paween was the investigating staff leader working carefully on the human trafficking case and was responsible for finding the makeshift camp in Songkhla the place Rohingya victims were captured and imprisoned – the photos of which shocked Thais. He claimed that he was stopped from working because the case was involved many influential individuals.
The MP also shared that Paween was pressured by totally different seniors until he left the country and sought shelter in Australia for his security.
Yesterday, PM Prayut commented on the matter with Thai media saying that he had left Thailand on his personal accord and “no one could threaten him as Thailand had laws”.
“If Paween is confident that he was clean and didn’t have any issues with me or others, he might come back.”
The PM additionally refused to concede that the human trafficking state of affairs in Thailand had become worse. Instead he insisted that the state of affairs of crackdowns on human traffickers was “getting better and better”..

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