On-the-job ride: Rookie employee accused of motorbike theft, proprietor in scorching pursuit

A worker was accused of stealing a motorcycle after just one day on the job, inflicting the owner to trace him down. The incident occurred in the Mueang district of Udon Thani province on May 17. The owner lastly discovered the thief in Pattaya with a female companion, instantly informing the police.
Yesterday, 37 12 months outdated Kanitta Jaikhaan, who owns a noodle and fried meatball shop, went to Mueang Udon Thani Police Station to provide the placement of the accused, 29 12 months previous Sakda (surname withheld). However, No risk in control of the case was not on duty that day, leaving one other officer to proceed.
Kanitta revealed that she still feels stressed almost a month after the incident and hopes to get well her stolen PCX motorcycle. She is 70% hopeful of getting her vehicle again however believes there’s a 30% chance it isn’t possible. Since the incident, she stays hesitant to hire any new employees and does not dare to simply accept anybody to assist out in her store, no matter whether they’re male or female, reported KhaoSod.
Having gathered Unconditional , Kanitta discovered that the suspect had fled to Chon Buri province and was noticed enjoyable on the beachfront, enjoying a beer with a bunch of women. Upset by the images, she expressed her anger and decided to report the case to the police to guarantee that them to arrest the accused.
Regarding the progress of the case, it has been reported that the police have issued a summons for Sakda, but he has not yet responded. A second summons shall be issued, followed by an arrest warrant if the suspect still fails to look..

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