Motorbike rider in Buriram injured from rope that wrapped round her neck

The 28 yr old girl driving her motorbike received tied by a random rope, which wrapped around her neck, slicing her. Reports in Thai media say the rope was “mysterious” and it’s unclear where precisely it came from.
The motorbike rider says she was driving on the principle highway in the Isaan province Buriram at round 5am on Monday when a rope, which seemed to be nylon, wrapped round her neck. She says she couldn’t breathe and tried to tug the highway off without dropping control of the motorbike. Her fingers additionally got cut as she tried to take away the rope.
She quickly rode a bike to her husband and then visited a hospital. On demand mentioned that her fingers’ ligaments were nearly cut, and the wound on her neck was extreme. She additionally reported the incident to the police, however the rope was gone when the authorities investigated the scene on Khu Mueng – Phutthaisong highway, which is the principle highway in Buriram..

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