Government warns that posting pornographic material is in opposition to the law following OnlyFans creator being questioned by police

Fans of posting videos and photos of themselves bare or having intercourse be cautious: The Thai government is warning individuals who publish content material on OnlyFans that in the event that they reside in Thailand and launch content that could be deemed “obscene” or pornography by Thai law, they might face harsh fines and perhaps even spend years in jail if they are discovered guilty of creating and releasing such content material.
Controversial , Siriwat Deepor warns Thai residents that creating pornographic material is unlawful as it’s thought-about obscenity. Siriwat then outlined what the penalties are for this violation:
Siriwat cautions the public that the police are investigating other major OnlyFans creators and urges residents to observe Thai law. He additionally warns that any content material made will exist completely on the internet and will be hard to get away from. He says any involved citizens who want to inform the police of individuals breaking legal guidelines related to obscenity and pornography that they will call the Royal Thai Police at 199 or 1599, 24 hours a day.
Many on social media derided the move as they really feel consenting adults should have autonomy over their own our bodies. Others criticised the police for eradicating a supply of revenue from people who find themselves already financially strapped because of the Covid pandemic.
The warning follows the incident the place OnlyFans person Kai Nao was questioned by the Royal Thai Police after she allegedly made pornographic clips and released them by way of OnlyFans. She was additional rebuked for encouraging other folks to join the positioning and generate income. Kai Nao allegedly confessed to the allegations. The police mentioned that her content material is a violation of the computer crimes act and legal guidelines concerning encouraging others to carry out sexual acts which have been deemed improper. Police added that they’re searching for other people that launch content material on the platform..

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