Viral video: Dog disappears in automotive for an hour, found hiding under seat

Owners of the TikTok account @themayesway decided to undertake a small black dog throughout their journey. However, they had been shocked when the dog mysteriously disappeared while they have been driving. After an hour of frantic searching, hilarity ensued when the dog emerged by itself, having been hiding neatly beneath the backseat. The video shortly gained over 17 million views and 2.four million likes, with netizens commenting on the dog’s hide-and-seek experience.

Cover-up of the TikTok account @themayesway have been on their means home with a small black dog they’d just lately adopted once they have been alarmed to find that it had appeared to vanish into thin air. They pulled over the automobile and spent an hour checking inside the vehicle, even opening all four doors earlier than they finally noticed the canine. To their amusement, it had been hiding in a small area beneath the backseat all along, reports Sanook.
Upon sharing the video on TikTok, it immediately gained reputation, garnering greater than 17 million views and a pair of.4 million likes. Many amused netizens left feedback similar to, “The dog seems to return out to ask, ‘Are you in search of me?’,” “The canine must have felt prefer it was enjoying hide-and-seek with its owners,” and “I need to know how it hid so well (laughs).”

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