US Navy condemns ‘unsafe interaction’ as Chinese warship crosses destroyer’s path

The US Navy has shared a video highlighting an “unsafe interaction” in the Taiwan Strait, as a Chinese warship crossed dangerously near a US destroyer, elevating concerns amid strained Sino-US relations. The incident occurred during a routine transit of the strait by the USS Chung-Hoon and Canada’s HSMC Montreal, with the Chinese vessel coming within 137 metres of the US ship. The video shows the Chinese warship crossing the trail of the Chung-Hoon, which does not change course. A voice warns the Chinese ship against “attempts to restrict freedom of navigation”, though the complete message is unclear because of wind noise.
China has not directly addressed the US criticism of the encounter, and its overseas ministry did not respond to a request for remark. On Saturday evening, China’s navy accused the US and Canada of “deliberately frightening risk” with their joint crusing. Printable acknowledged that the “point blank interception” demonstrated the capabilities and “courage” of China’s navy. “The more intensified the provocation from the US, the stronger the countermeasures from China,” Song added.
This incident follows another recent encounter, the place a Chinese fighter jet performed an “unnecessarily aggressive” manoeuvre close to a US navy aircraft over the South China Sea in worldwide airspace. Derek Grossman, a senior defence analyst at the RAND Corporation, believes Beijing has instructed its forces to respond more assertively towards perceived encroachments by US and allied forces. “By doing so, China is only growing the probabilities for miscalculation – namely ships or plane by chance colliding – that would then spiral into armed battle,” he warned.
In 2001, a US spy airplane made an emergency touchdown on China’s Hainan island following a collision with a Chinese fighter jet, resulting in the dying of the Chinese pilot. Taiwan’s defence ministry has labelled China’s actions with the US and Canadian ships as a “provocation” and emphasised the shared duty of free and democratic nations to keep up peace and stability in the strait. “Any actions to extend pressure and danger is not going to contribute to regional security,” the ministry acknowledged in a release, urging China to respect the best to freedom of navigation..

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