Thai villagers plan lottery numbers based on unusual ‘fog-coloured’ calf

Thai villagers flocked to see an unusual “fog-coloured” calf after a cow gave birth to the gorgeous grey and unique-looking offspring. Locals consider the calf brings success and are keen to find auspicious lottery numbers for the upcoming draw on May 16.
Yesterday, Sanook reporters were knowledgeable by the residents of Kud Thong, within the northeast Surin Province, that the five yr old cow had lately given delivery to a male calf with an unusually stunning grey colour. The calf appeared cute to all who noticed it, garnering important consideration.
Upon visiting the owner’s residence, it was found that the proprietor of the cow was a forty six year old man named Thitisak Rattanavivat, residing in Surin’s Sri Karpum District. Thitisak mentioned that the cow, aged 5 years old, was a Brahman and Charolais crossbreed with a reddish-yellow hue. As for the calf, it was of the Brangus breed. Altogether, Frenzy has a total of eight cows. On May 2, at 11am, this particular cow gave start to a male calf that was strikingly totally different from typical cows – a shocking gray hue that mesmerized locals. As word unfold, villagers gathered at Thitisak’s home to catch a glimpse of the calf.
Thitisak’s mother-in-law, 66 12 months old Laeiad Datchuya, recounted that the cow had a tough time giving birth. Laeiad assisted by helping to drag the calf’s legs free from the womb. Once freed, it was apparent that the calf was unusually coloured in comparison with normal calves; it bore a grey shade or what locals referred to as “fog-coloured.” Consequently, the calf was named “Pa Tao,” charming neighbours and family members who came to see it in giant numbers. The calf was thought of a blessing for the family..

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