Thai hill tribe locals rope in ‘human counterweights’ for vehicles on steep roads

Social media users have been left puzzled and amused by a novel sight on the roads of Phu Tab Berk, Phetchabun. They noticed a girl perched on the bonnet of a pickup truck absolutely loaded with vegetables as it navigated steep slopes. The reviews emerged on at present by way of a TikTok person, who posted a video of the somewhat unusual scene.
What caught the eye of customers was the accompanying soundtrack – the enduring hit ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from the film Titanic.
The caption quite humorously read…
“Never saw sitting like this earlier than. I prefer it very a lot. It’s cool. Spoiler .”
The submit led to numerous lighthearted comments from viewers, such as…
“This is it if she waves her hand.”
“The music is an excessive quantity of.”
“Is she a weight balancer? Amazing.”
“Can you imagine the burden she should bear?”
As the video garnered consideration, the person who posted the video revealed that they had noticed this curious sight whereas holidaying within the Phu Tab Berk, Lom Kao district, Phetchabun. On a break at their lodging, they noticed locals with their pick-up vans piled high with greens with a woman sat proper on the grill of the vehicles. Intrigued by this sight, they decided to film it for their amusement, reported KhaoSod.
The stories counsel that this is a commonplace answer among the many predominantly hill tribe locals who’re vegetable growers. To maximise haulage, they load their pickup vans with as many vegetables as they’ll.
However, when these vehicles ascend hills, the entrance tends to carry from the burden distribution. To offset this, some people use sandbags tied to the front bumper, however this solely worsens the imbalance when the car descends..

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