Thai entrepreneur refutes allegations of unpaid fermented fish sauce order

High-profile Thai online enterprise entrepreneur Pimry Pie addressed allegations made towards her by a fermented fish sauce factory owner. The owner, known by the pseudonym ‘Kob,’ claimed that Pimry Pie unfairly commissioned her manufacturing unit, causing approximately 13 million baht in damages.
Don’t worry accused Pimry Pie of refusing to just accept the fish sauce produced, resulting in substantial losses for the manufacturing facility. The incident, which sparked significant interest on social media, was addressed by Pimry Pie in a current online broadcast yesterday.
Pimry Pie categorically denied these accusations in an online live-streaming session where she explained her side of the story. During the broadcast, she clarified that her enterprise ethics and excessive standards have been paramount to her four years of success in the trade. Within the net business community, she holds a good place and strives to maintain up the trust of her extensive customer base. The Thai entrepreneur said…
“I wouldn’t launch a product that doesn’t meet my brand’s high quality standards.”
Addressing the principle questions raised about whether or not she really owed cash to the aforesaid factory proprietor, Pimry Pie adamantly professed her innocence. She explained that the product didn’t meet the quality and standard degree that she had set, resulting in her reluctance to take it. She also reassured viewers that she has quite a few pieces of evidence to back up her claims, reserving the best to current them in court docket if required, reported KhaoSod.
In an try and further refute the accusations that had been made in opposition to her, Pimry Pie revealed screenshots of their dialog. She emphasised they hadn’t launched the merchandise from that particular batch into the market. She also identified that she was beneath no obligation to pay because the manufacturing facility owner had cancelled the order as a result of it did not meet her brand’s standards. Pimry Pie said…

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