Revered Thai monk’s body defies decomposition 20 years after demise

More than 20 years after revered Thai monk Luang Phu Woraphon Thawitan handed away, his physique stays displayed in a glass case at his temple in Khon Kaen province, northeast Thailand. Not solely has the deceased monk’s physique not decomposed – defying science – however his skin has turned emerald green, reports Sanook.
Premiere , Phra Khru Sri Pattarasan, the present abbot of Chumphon Temple in Waeng Noi district, informed reporters concerning the former abbot’s miraculous powers which have lived on after dying.
On January 18, 2001, Luang Phu advised Phra Khru that he would not be at the temple by the tip of the wet season. Phra Khru asked him where he was going, and the aged monk mentioned it was time for him to die. On May 20, the monk handed away at a hundred and one years outdated.
The abbot said that the monks tried to burn Luang Phu’s physique, nevertheless it “wouldn’t burn.” So, they positioned his body in a easy glass coffin. The monks didn’t transfer Luang Phu into an air-conditioned “cold coffin” till 2010, they stated.
The only things contained in the glass coffin are tea leaves, anti-moisture drugs and camphor tree bark. There’s nothing particular inside, insisted the abbot.
On the evening of August thirteen, the abbot had a dream that a snake was slithering around the room the place Luang Phu lies. In the morning, another monk said he had the same dream, so the pair went to check on Luang Phu’s body.
Much to their shock, Luang Phu’s skin had begun turning emerald green, mentioned the abbot. At first, a patch of skin concerning the measurement of an egg in the course of Luang Phu’s head turned green. The monks have been baffled but thought it was fungus rising so they coated it with gold leaf.
The monks took photos which they confirmed to local lay Buddhists who had been afraid and shocked because they thought the monks painted the useless monk green, mentioned the abbot.
Once a year, the monks change Luang Phu’s robes and reapply gold leaf to his body. Around one month after the emerald egg incident, it was time to redress Luang Phu. They found that his complete body had turned emerald green, the abbot stated.
The story of the emerald Thai monk unfold on social media and now individuals travel far and broad to catch a glimpse of Luang Phu Woraphon Thawitan, more than 20 years after his death..

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