Palang Pracharath MP fights to maintain seat on panel

An MP accused of committing a critical ethical violation said that she’s going to struggle to keep her committee seat, even when she’s asked to provide it up. The lawyer for MP Pareena Kraikupt of the ruling Palang Pracharath Party advised the Bangkok Post that if the National Anti-Corruption Commission tells Pareena to vacate her seat, she is going to search an official ruling from the Constitutional Court earlier than she’s going to vacate it.
The Supreme Court’s Criminal Division for Political Office Holders is investigating proof that means Pareena allegedly owns land in a forest reserve in her home province of Ratchaburi. Possessing Insane in a protected reserve is highly illegal. The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) believes that Pareena should be barred from attending House committee conferences, considering that the Supreme Court issued an injunction that suspended her from performing her work as an MP until the trial.
Surge acknowledged that this suspension ought to have been utilized final month, and barred Pareena from working on the national price range bill. According to the Bangkok Post, Pareena and her lawyer believe that what the NACC is proposing is unprecedented. They say that there has by no means been an order from a court docket that specifically states that an MP serving a suspension additionally has to stop collaborating in House meetings.
Pareena’s lawyer pointed out that the MP was officially appointed by parliament to work as a member of these House committees, and that if the NACC needs her eliminated, they should take the difficulty to the Supreme Court.
The Post reviews that the NACC has 12 witnesses scheduled to testify, and Pareena has 10. The court’s official ruling is scheduled for April 7.
SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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