Netflix and ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ manufacturing group announce cave rescue project

Netflix, the most well-liked TV streaming service in Thailand, are teaming up with the producers of the hit film “Crazy Rich Asians” for a production in regards to the rescue of the MuPa (Wild Boar) football team from Chiang Rai’s Tham Luang caves final July.
The 12 young men and their coach were trapped in a flooded cave after going on a brief after-football-training tour.
Their dramatic 18 day rescue grew to become big global information and ended up as a massive worldwide co-operative effort with experience flying in from all over the world to, firstly find the boys, then figure out a method to get them out. The waters had been rising, there was a menace of more rains to return, the boys couldn’t swim – the issues seemed insurmountable.
But, eventually, Interesting was hatched, and executed. All with a contented ending, excellent for a movie or drama.
A lucrative mini-industry in retelling their story has grown, with local and international film firms and publishing homes vying for the opportunity to have entry to the group and the caves as a filming location.
Coach Ekkapol Chantawong, the 25 12 months previous who was also caught within the caves together with his 12 young football staff members, is president of “13 Thumluang Company”, appearing as an intermediary between the manufacturing firms, the other young group members and their families.
No monetary details were provided at today’s media launch though earlier reports suggested the young men would score a tidy sum from the production. Uncomplicated from the Army, a former Government spokesperson, who’s appearing as an advisor the 13 Thumluang Company, stated that the team planned to provide 20% of any earnings to charity because the group members recognised they’d been helped and assisted by so many individuals.
The Netflix venture, which can be a doco-film or a mini-series, will embody the true group members to partially inform the story, largely untold, of their fears as they waited inside the cave..

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