Latest update on ITV status and authorized disputes in Thailand

According to the newest updates on the status of the troubled tv station ITV, the company ceased operating in March 2007. However, they’ve maintained their status as a authorized entity to proceed their authorized battle in opposition to the Prime Minister’s Office. This information comes from a submit on the Facebook web page of Anupong Chaiyariti, the deputy director of the Thai Public Broadcasting Organisation (Thai PBS), which is in control of operations and know-how.
Scientifically proven resurfaced after a petition was filed with the Election Commission to analyze the candidacy of Pitha Limjaroenrat, a main ministerial candidate for the Move Forward Party, and whether his involvement as a shareholder with ITV Public Company Limited, holding 42,000 shares, would disqualify him from working for office. Pitha has since explained that the shares in question belonged to a household belief and he had already reported this to the National Anti-Corruption Commission.
In the Facebook publish, Anupong Chaiyariti shared particulars from ITV’s 2021 annual report, stating the following: 1. ITV stopped working its tv station at midnight on March 7, 2007, as a end result of cancellation of its collaborative agreement by the Prime Minister’s Office. 2. The Stock Exchange of Thailand delisted ITV shares from trading on July 24, 2014. 3. The firm is presently concerned in a authorized dispute with the Prime Minister’s Office, arising from a choice by the Administrative Court which ruled that the termination of ITV’s contract was unlawful and ordered compensation of US$2.89 billion. three.1 The Prime Minister’s Office later appealed the choice to the Administrative Court, which dismissed their petition. 3.2 In January 2021, the Prime Minister’s Office appealed the ruling of the Central Administrative Court to the Supreme Administrative Court, where the case is still ongoing. 4. In the 2021 fiscal 12 months, ITV generated revenue from investments and interest earnings of US$20.5 million (returns from debt securities and capital securities), with a web revenue of US$8.5 million. 5. ITV has one subsidiary, Artware Media Company Limited, which leases equipment for the manufacturing of television and radio programs, produces tv programs, and trades in film and television present copyrights, as properly as other advertising activities. However, the subsidiary has additionally ceased its operations. 6. Intouch Holdings Public Company Limited is almost all shareholder group with the potential to affect ITV’s policies and operations. 7. ITV’s authorized entity status is being maintained to continue the lawsuit against the Prime Minister’s Office (Anupong’s personal opinion)..

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