Ladyboy assaults and robs Taiwanese tourist in Bangkok (video)

A Taiwanese tourist thought he lost his wallet during Songkran celebrations on Silom Road in Bangkok last weekend. However, upon inspecting a brief video that his pal took, he realised that his wallet was stolen by a ladyboy he was sexually harassed by.
In the 13-second-long clip, the Taiwanese vacationer is pictured trying to get away from a ladyboy who repeatedly tried to grope him. As she tries to touch him, she snatches the pockets from his pocket without anyone noticing.
News outlet Esor Kayee Khao 2 posted the clip on Facebook yesterday with the caption…
“Disgusting behaviour from this ladyboy. Aside from groping this male Taiwanese vacationer, she went even lower, damaging the picture of our country by slyly stealing his pockets without anybody noticing.
“This ladyboy remains to be on the prowl around Silom. If anyone sees them please level them out to the police who will prosecute them according to the regulation.”
The story was covered in Taiwanese media, who warned its folks to be careful whereas travelling in Thailand.

Songkran, the Thai New Year, is notorious for groping palms in the course of the crowded water fights from Silom to Khao San Road.
Sadly, the authorities are probably to blame victims for sexual harassment during Songkran instead of perpetrators. This year, Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt banned women from wearing sexy clothes.
The Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation (WMP) criticised Chadchart’s coverage, saying it was victim-blaming and protects sexual offenders. WMP director Jadet Chaowilai said…
“The foundation and the related department of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have been working together to rid sexual harassment from the Songkran Festival for over 10 years. Every time, the BMA authorities unfold the same discourse to the public that attractive attire inspire sexual harassment. However, harassment still goes on every year, even if sexy costumes are banned. The foundation has tried to cease this kind of thinking several instances. Effortless -blaming have to be stopped.”

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