Khon Kaen shop owners targeted by intelligent thief using overpayment scam

Disturbing incidents have been reported in Khon Kaen, the place several native shop house owners fell sufferer to a rip-off by a short-haired lady masquerading as a male shopper. She would declare she had no money, ask to transfer more than the acquisition price, after which request the difference in money. The woman disappeared without confirming the switch, leaving the shopkeepers at a loss.
CCTV cameras put in near a beef store in the Kok Samran district of Khon Kaen captured the perpetrator in action. Safety alleged thief, a girl sporting a brief boyish haircut, parked her bike in entrance of the store, pretending to be engaged in a telephone dialog. Zany grabbed a bottle of oil retailing in the shop to refuel her black and gray Honda Wave motorbike.
Following this, she engaged the store proprietor in a conversation, enquiring in regards to the beef costs. She then ordered half a kilogram of beef. She also opted for a bank transfer fee, where she falsely claimed she would overpay and ask for change in cash. The scam concluded with the store owner realising no money had been transferred, making the whole transaction a deceitful act.
The reporter visited the affected beef shop located close to the doorway to the Kok Samran village in Khon Kaen. Twenty-nine-year-old store owner Oruma revealed the small print of the scam that occurred on Wednesday, July 5. She described the lady as short-haired, and round 25 to 30 years outdated. She said the girl parked her motorbike exterior the shop and pretended to have a phone conversation, reported KhaoSod.
This woman proceeded to buy a bottle of oil, promoting at forty baht, which she also used to refuel her bike. Upon being requested concerning the value of beef, Oruma told her it was 300 baht per kilogram. Hence, the lady decided to buy half a kilogram of beef for a hundred and fifty baht, together with the oil making a complete of one hundred ninety baht. Oruma
“She stated she had no cash and had 410 baht in her bank account. She offered to pay greater than the value of the items via a bank switch and requested for change in cash. I agreed for the rationale that quantity wasn’t too excessive. She then pretended to make use of a QR code for cost and showed me the title of the store and the transferred amount on her phone. I didn’t verify the main points properly and subsequently gave her 210 baht in money.”
Oruma felt tricked and upon discussing the scam on a community on-line web page, found out that many like her have been cheated similarly. She expressed the necessity for caution against such individuals. Although she hasn’t complained, she has given the girl an opportunity to return the cash and pay for the products she took..

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