Electrified fence at forest temple

LOPBURI: More than 200 people from Baan Nong Kam in Lopburi’s Muang District held a protest June 27 to drive out a neighborhood abbot, whom they accused of establishing an electrified fence to keep villagers away from his forest temple.One of the protest leaders, 58-year-old Charoen Wongpao, informed reporters that Phra Khru Palatwiroj Ophaso, Abbot of Wat Suwanahong Forest, appreciated to push back villagers who went foraging in the woods.People from the village had been amassing vegetation growing within the area for more than a century earlier than Phra Khru Palatwiroj arrived, K. Giveaway mentioned, but now they were not allowed to even gather tamarind growing close to the temple.Although villagers were persevering with the abbot’s isolationist antics, they had been sparked into action when he ordered the erection of a barbed-wire fence around the temple.At night, the abbot related the fence to an electric provide of adequate voltage to provide nasty electrical shocks to anybody unlucky enough to stumble upon it, K. Charoen mentioned.The fence runs rightt

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