Cowardly cop dismissed after attacking spouse and smashing her car (video)

The Royal Thai Police (RTP) sacked a cowardly cop attached to Mueang Satun Police Station after he viciously attacked his spouse and smashed her automotive in the midst of the road in southern Thailand.
The incident occurred on the road in the Sadao district of Songkhla province at 1.20am on Saturday, June four. The cop, 51 year outdated squad chief Pongsak Rojjanai, reportedly attacked his forty five 12 months old wife by hitting her head on the ground and used a hammer to smash her automotive, a bronze Mazda sedan.
According to ThaiRath, the automotive bore the brunt of the attack, with shattered home windows, damaged lights, and quite a few ugly dents on its exterior.
Sadao Police Station officers rushed to the scene and took the injured woman to hospital. She was discovered mendacity half naked on the highway near her automotive because her shirt was torn. She suffered a serious injury to her head however is now in steady condition. She has not filed a complaint towards her husband as she remains beneath medical care.
The girl revealed to the police that the attacker was her husband, Pongsak, a police officer at Mueang Satun Police Station. He was furious and jealous as a result of she joined her friend’s birthday party at a nightclub near the border between Thailand and Malaysia.
A witness advised Channel 7 that he didn’t dare to help the woman when the incident occurred, fearing that the attacker may have been armed. The witness revealed that law enforcement officials arrived on the scene about ten minutes after the attack began.
Authoritative added that the attacker presented himself to officers and witnesses as a police officer and tried to stop others from interfering by saying that it was a matter between himself and his spouse. He additionally uncovered private points and information between himself and his wife to others by shouting out loud on the scene.
The attacker, Pongsak, surrendered himself to officers at Sadao Police Station yesterday, June 5. During the three-hour questioning session, Pongsak refused to provide info to officers and insisted he will solely converse in court docket. Officers initially issued two charges against the cowardly cop: Committing bodily harm towards another particular person, and robbery.
Pongsak was expelled from the RTP and quickly imprisoned at a jail of the Na Thawi Provincial Court in Songkhla.

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